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Wo werden die Bäume gepflanzt?

Zu den genauen Locations

Identify locations

Local staff in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia and Mozambique find villages that are interested in becoming partners in restoring local forests.

Involve locals

Eden Reforestation Projects pays the locals a fair wage and provides them with the knowledge and skills to build and maintain new forests in a sustainable manner.

Protect the forest

Eden only plants trees that are native to the respective region in order to maintain the balance of the environment and to ensure the best chance of survival.

Together for a better future.

We plant trees where they are most needed. In the country, where there were trees and are no more after clearing, environmental disasters or deforestation. Where the rural population is impoverished, the animals are driven away and the people follow them.

Environmental protection can be so easy and you can be there too: We plant a tree for every Happea order. More on this in our blog or in our newsletter.